Tools that build

It starts with you

Control over your state of mind – e.g. how to feel calm no matter what is happening outside you.

Setting boundaries that are good for you and your environment.

Solid self-esteem – Human BEING as distinct from

Human DOING – self-confidence

Knowing your motivation – how to come back stronger after adversity.

Living in truth and making decisions more easily

Personal responsibility allows you to access your Core Powers.

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Our biggest investment is our children. They are our legacy to the world, they are the future.

Many teenagers worry about the future and there is nothing more important than preparing them as much as we can. We adults have a responsibility to support them so that they know they can cope with life’s events, even when we are away. We
cannot protect them from everything, no matter how much we want to. What we can do is give them the tools to be confident, flexible in their thinking and resilient to the challenges that come. The sense of security needs
come from within and you can provide that through coaching parenting. 

When the first child arrives, there is no manual and you have no experience.
You’ve never been a parent before!

We exist to support parents in this investment.

*MeningsFylla OnLine

VChoose from many different MeningsFyllor.

Tools to help you unleash your own inner powers. Always available so you can do them whenever you want.
suits you, wherever you are.

GroupMeningsFill several times/month.

CommunityMeningsFylla where you can share experiences with others who are going through the same MeningsFylla. 

Human Toolbox Liberates Core Powers.

*MeningsFylla IRL

Family 3.0 is a series of MeningsFylla where we practice IRL with lots of different tools.

It starts with you as a parent and as a conclusion of the series we bring the whole family to the BootCamp, where even the children get the tools!

Also available Certified courses

Meta NLP Practitioner

Meta NLP Master Practitioner

APG, Accessing Your Personal Genius

*MeningsFylla 1 to 1

We are happy to arrange a meeting with you to find out if we are the right choice for you.

We’re not saying that you want to move on, but if you do, you can choose different packages to suit you.

The advantage of the package is that you also getfree access to MeningsFylla OnLine.

*Meningsfylla, our word for filling life with meaning.

We wish you and your loved ones a life filled with significance/meaning.

The most important leadership in the world

Presidents, royalty, celebrities, politicians and business leaders are not the most important leaders. You are the parent.

Through your self-leadership, you ARE the role model for future leaders. You are the first important person to whom your
children look up to and want to be like. 

They do this by mimicking what you do. They rarely listen to what you say but you can be sure that they observe EVERYTHING you do, even what you don’t know you’re doing ;).

We have developed and continue to develop the Human Toolbox to support parents, so that together we can prepare future leaders for their upcoming life choices.

There is no manual when they are born.

When my sons were teenagers, I often wished there was a manual to guide me on how to help them navigate life.

I’m not saying that the Human Toolbox is a manual, but it contains many simple tools that can help you find your own. //Susanne Limnell

I am not a leader…

You might think…..We don’t usually talk about parenting as leadership, but when you chose that role, you were given the most important leadership for the future of humanity. It is we adults who need to show the way to
how we should act as human beings. We don’t need a license when we become parents and we do the best we can. You are welcome to book a meeting with us and we will discuss how you can support your jewel through our
cooperation. We stand behind you.

Role model

The journey starts with you. The term ‘walk the talk’ is often used. You probably don’t want to give your teenager something you’re not sure will work, right? We will give you the tools to be able to test drive on yourself
and you then choose which ones you want to use. The exercises are not therapy but can have therapeutic results.

Important! There are no “broken” people – but we can all have some more or less functional thinking strategies.

Human Toolbox

Our aim with all these tools is to

Create even more meaning in our lives because when we feel meaningful, the whole person feels good.

Making people’s lives easier through clear communication to themselves and others.

Know that you are the most important person in your own life and act accordingly.

When we can consciously manage our states of mind, it makes an incredible difference in our quality of life.

Today there is a lot of talk about being happy. Many people look at others on social media and we see that they appear to be successful and happy in the pictures they post. But we don’t really have any idea of their reality, we are just guessing.
based on our own experiences and interpretations.

An interview with several hundred people who described themselves as happy sought to find out if they had anything in common. It turned out that the feeling of happiness is largely about HOW – about the way we think or How
we “run our brains”.

Some of the tools in the Human Toolbox come from
NLP Neuro-Semantics. These can give you an understanding of how you are running your brain in this moment. It is easier to change strategy when you become aware of what you are doing.

NLP is a powerful method in personal development.

We also provide the training cert. NLP-Practioner and other Self Actualization courses. These courses are IRL and include certification.
The MenigFyllor that we have OnLine consist of parts from these courses that you can use in your everyday life and also give to your family and you can use them when it suits you and at a lower price than the IRL courses.

Other tools come from The Expansion methodology. It expands blocks that may exist in the subconscious. You don’t have to understand what’s behind it, but you can get rid of what’s holding you back by observing what your body is showing you.

Making it even smoother

tips for those who really want to feel meaningful

Smoothly with an app

Download the Zenler app and get access to your MeningsFllor and Communities even more easily. 

Keeping up

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The Human Toolbox is constantly evolving just like life, so if you want all the tips we have, stay tuned.

You get the emergency brake!


Get help and support from others and contribute your experience, so we encourage you to participate in our communities.

When you start any of our Opinion Fillers OnLine, the community is linked to each of them so you know that you and your friends are sharing the same material.

Community for Teenage Parents is available free of charge, you can find on the tab
Family 3.0

What do others say about us…

We’re not telling you to listen to us – here’s what some of our clients say:

Linn Sundqvist

Professional horse groom

“Growing up, I felt like all the external factors were consuming me and happening out of control. I didn’t know how to manage my life!

Using the keys and knowledge gained from the Human Toolbox, I now live from the inside out instead of the other way around as I did before. It is the best decision I have made.

The realization of my own choices, as well as daring to own ALL my emotions are for me the gain of life and today naturally programmed in my thought pattern. Today I have a high quality of life and an inner peace regardless of external factors. I have control and choice, but above all, the keys are with me when I need them!”//Linn Sundqvist

Anna Björnberg

Transformative voice coach

“Sincere thanks Susanne for meeting me where I am. For your impeccable intuition to pick up subtle threads and with perfect presence always be so spot on! To be able to so directly define what is required to clear, release
at once and instantly transform minus into plus. You did it again!”//
Anna Björnberg

Jessica Man

Founder of
Magical Love Living

“Susanne is a highly trained coach. She is very insightful and has the ability to shine lights on the hidden blocks that are holding us back from dreams and goals on a deep level. She also has a golden heart to serve humanity. She is patient and has the best interests in seeing you be successful. I highly recommend working with Susanne”// 
Jessica Man

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